Y2-Day9 – Letting Go… some more

Letting Go
 In the process of letting go, you will lose many things from the past ….
but you will find yourself.”
Deepak Chopra
What have you learned or discovered from reviewing 2013?
What defects of character or flaws have you been made aware of and are you willing to surrender?  Perhaps writing it out may guide you. We all have at least 200 defenses we use in order to cope and sometimes a few of them are no longer necessary.  Your strengths can be your weaknesses.  Maybe being stubborn and persistent helped you get through college but it is interfering in you present job.  Maybe someone is mistaking your kindness for weakness and you would profit from setting up a boundary or letting go of a relationship.  You get the idea.  Get quiet and retrace the last year.  Be retrospective and reconsider your life.  You are worth examining with compassion and honesty for the sake of authenticity.  Be specific, be kind and be true.
What situations could you do without?  What habits have ceased to be more important than your wellbeing?  What items, ideas or attitudes do you just not need anymore?  Where in your spiritual, mental, emotional or physical life do you need to turn over a new leaf?
Hard questions require definite answers so as to lead you to clear recognition.  Then you can initiate action with courage. This process prepares the way for inner and outer change.
It is wise to uncover, discover and discard on a regular basis.

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