Y2-Day 11 – Taking it Down

I love putting up Christmas decor; sipping hot chocolate or my favorite coffee/tea drink of the moment, listening and singing along to Carols, hanging ornaments, swagging garland, lighting up with mini lights, reminiscing, sashaying to and fro and the list of merriment goes on.

But –

I despise taking it down.  Today is the day.

I have hours of dismantling, unhinging, re-organizing, misplacing, deconstructing, re-packing, unwinding and no holiday music to look forward to but at least I have a decaf cappuccino and I will reward myself with some chocolate later and watch some TV with my two poor convalescing daughters whom just had their wisdom teeth pulled.  Poor babies.

I even had two wreaths I spent some quality time decorating in our small powder room.

I get to ‘let go’ of Christmas and ‘accept’ it is January.  Themes that keep recurring.

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