Vedic Astrology

According to Vedic astrology (Jyotish) which is a bit different from western astrology, I am currently in a new 9 year cycle. The sun represents vitality, energy and light. Apparently filled with confidence and willingness to start new projects, passions and adventures, I will be sowing the seeds of my next 9 year path, this year.

So, no procrastinating, sets the tone. Planning, goal setting and re-invention is key. Discipline is called for at this time.

I may fly solo or be in a leadership role, possibly very visible publicly.

I must control my ego and be fair to everyone on my path.

I absolutely, totally forgot this prediction and found the little piece of paper I used to write this on just two days ago.

It happens that two days ago, I came to realize my purpose on this planet, at least for now. And it was further confirmed by a serendipitous nod yesterday when a dear friend revealed her wishes I would start up a meditation group again.

I am happy to announce a new Goddess Circle wherein I create and hold space for women wanting to connect to their divine nature.

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