Theme: Pure White Elegant Clarity

Imagine porcelain egg white gloss or transparent milkiness. The pearly color of goodness,purity, elegance and clarity. Each of us may ask ourselves this week: How does openness feel? What does lucidity look like? Where am I full of grace? When do I acknowledge and/or demonstrate frankness, sincerity and simplicity?
When you experience wholeness-less is perceived as more. Your focus and purpose become clear.
Meditating on pure white light can clarify and enlarge our vision. Observing our own sense of and acts of virtue and integrity can brighten our aura AND our inner selves. Committing to continual candid self-refection and simultaneously shining pure, clean energy within and without-transforms us; molding us into transparent loving beings, guided by innocent yet infinitely wise intention.
The essence of elegance is knowing your true north and radiating it out with polished individual style.
Come join us this week as we flow with grace and purity of form, meditate with white light clarity and relax into the stillness; healing our ivory inner nature.
And may this week’s message and practice essentially bring us to a place of kindness, dignity and reverence for the divine in each and every one of us; all the while protecting ourselves, nursing our own wounds and re- building upon our own character and behavior.

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