Songs from the Chakra 5 playlist

Many of you have requested the names of the melodious songstresses from this week’s playlist.  Snatam Kaur sang Ong Namo Guredev Namo – the song we sang during parts of restorative.  She is a French Kundalini yoga singer.  Very famous.  Also, Deva Premal, a german female vocalist sang Om Namo – hari om namo narayanaWah! is the name of the singer who sang Om Namah Shivaya.

All these mantras are an expression of reverence to the most high and each one of these ladies sing beautifully;  with great respect, love and devotion.  I believe that comes through in their music.

Next time I hear of a Kirtan or Chanting Group visiting us locally, we will get a group together to go. I will keep my ears pealed.

Thank you all for the wonderful energy this week and enjoy your Easter/Passover weekend.


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