day 328 – Truisms

There are some truisms that are universal and then there are specific truths, identified as singular and distinct to each individual and unique person.

For example:

We all need to eat – but each body, temperament, circumstance or environment we find ourselves in will determine what’s healthiest, appropriate or advantageous for us to eat at that moment and at that moment in time of our lives.

What I ate as an active, playful, free-spirited child who didn’t know about calories, fat grams or taxes, is different than a menopausal woman diligently getting to the gym as a matter of discipline with joint pain, calcium, bone density and an enlarged middle to think about.

Which brings me to the next admission:

I continue to experiment with myself for I am not an expert but I do consider myself an experiencer.

Three days ago, I was eating all the fats and proteins I could handle.  For months this was working with a generous amount of vegetables, some fruit, and  here and there -a starchy carbohydrate; but I had begun to slide into a standstill.  I even amped up my exercise which only made my body feel like it required more food.

I pumped it up and got on the Wheat Belly diet or the 2013 version of Atkins.  Somehow, after a few days of no fruit, a wee amount of non-starchy vegetables and not even a mention of simple white carbohydrates or sugar on my lips, my digestive and expelling systems were not too keen on this new regime.  So, I switched it up.

I am now testing an eating practice I have navigated before with previous success.  I am having a go again at low fat, low carb vegan in order to lose a few stubborn pounds I am frustrated with.

What I noticed immediately was the return of my elimination patterns and rumbling in my tummy.  It’s amazing what some fiber, green material and fructose can accomplish in so little time, in one little person.

The other benefit is a complete clearing of my complexion.  For weeks, I have been struggling with flaky, red and blotchy skin around my nose and on my chin.  Within hours, my skin returned to an even tone with no dryness.

I gained two pounds, but I expected a re-adjustment to occur.

I may be romancing the meatless, veggie and fruit extravaganza, but I think I feel livelier, smarter and less anxious, too.

Time will tell and I will keep you posted.


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