day 327 – Winds

I do not mind a breeze but I detest vehemently strong, unrelenting Santa Ana winds.  Today we are experiencing some extreme nature and it is not to my liking.  So I tell myself, “Go with the flow or you will need tranquilizers to endure life.”  and then I thought, ” Life is not to be endured.”  “Life is to be relished and feasted upon.”

In order to come out of my own discomfort, I reach for the phone and ask if I can do something for someone else.  There is always someone outside myself that may need a helping hand, voice or ear and it’s the only way I know how to get out of self, freeing me from my own internal negative dialogue.  There is an old saying, “I may not be much, but it’s all I think about.”

Today, the winds remind me I need to walk through the unpleasant, perturbing or stressful moments of life, not around them.  And that the solution is being of service to others and/or getting into action, going with the flow of life and releasing the need to swim upstream.

Now, the winds can just mean it’s going to be a bad hair day.

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