day 88 – Listening to Love

I practice principles that I find support my getting closer to the gal I have always wanted to be.  Metabolizing love on a continuous basis is what it’s about right now.

What a better time than a week away from St. Valentine’s Day to muse on LOVE.  Not just romantic love, although that has its merits – but on Being Love, Doing Love, Acting and Thinking Love.

The word for Heart in French is Coeur and in Spanish it is Corazon.  Both these words derive from the Latin root for Courage.

It takes Courage to stand by your principles.  It takes Love to agree to disagree with others.

It takes Courage to do the thing we are afraid to do.  It takes Love to bear a child and raise him/her.

It takes Courage to be vulnerable.  It takes Love to open up your heart to give and receive.

Julia Cameron, author of the classic The Artist’s Way has pointed out that the word HEART has the words ear and art in it.  We need to listen to our art.  And our art is usually any gift or talent we feel is our purpose.

Listening to your Heart sometimes belies all practical indicators to the contrary.  If I hadn’t listened to my heart, I wouldn’t have braved coming back to the USA on my own in my late teens to be with my beloved.  If I hadn’t listened to my heart, I would not be with this man today.  If I hadn’t listened to my heart I would not have had any children, or continued my pregnancy when I was told my second child might not be 100% healthy. If I hadn’t listened to my heart, she would not be off at college so very far away.   If I hadn’t listened to my heart, I would have been against much of what they have done differently with their lives and their time and not be able to let them go.  If I hadn’t listened to my heart, they wouldn’t have grown into the extraordinary adults I am grateful to know and have in my life.

When I don’t listen to my heart and my mind and my strong will or stubbornness takes over, my choices are poor at best and detrimental to everyone.  It’s a ripple effect.

But, luckily that goes both ways.

I must confess. It is often those who have my best interests at Heart that straighten me out.  They Love me enough to tell me what my selfish ego does not want to entertain.  I listen because I know a Divine Being uses people in order to speak to me.  When I have acted from my Heart, when I come from a place of love and compassion, I find relief, comfort and understanding.  I enter a spiritual knowing.

When I listen to my heart, I have the courage to do whatever it tells me to do.

Be the Love. Be the Light. Shine it Bright. Imagine Goodness. Keep the Love and Light Close.

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