day 7 – Quero Apache Prayer

Looking behind, I am filled with gratitude

Looking forward, I am filled with vision

Looking upwards, I am filled with strength

Looking within, I discover peace – Quero Apache Prayer

The past is revealed

Battling between my ears

And I don’t want to linger

What’s the lesson?

What have I learned?

Move on

Be prepared

Difficulties are Challenges

Now build my character

I am not a victim

I must take the action,  I must think the thought, I must do the deeds

That complete me honestly –   Cecilia

This is the path I follow.  This is my Peace…Knowing I have done the Best I can and then releasing it – letting it go.  Knowing that the Truth always comes out, I seek my truth.  I do not defend the Truth, for it just is.  I do not have to advertise the Truth for it promotes itself.  It multiplies. And once you know the Truth, you cannot go back and hide from it nor not be aware of it anymore…it’s just out there now…as the new normal.  As your Truth.

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