day 68 – Managing Anxiety

I would like to share what I learned in Anxiety class over the next several days.

Seven ways to manage worry, fear, anger and anxiousness:

Breathing: Deep breathing, ten or more breaths into diaphragm X three times a day (or whenever) I know I have posted on this before, let me know if you want a refresher or check old posts.  Most effective and immediate go to technique to alleviate stress or discomfort.

Movement and Good Nutrition: Exercise, Play, Yoga, Swim, Tai Chi, Walk, Dance, Hike, any sport – just get sweaty or do something vigorously.  Lay off sugar, cake, cookies, junk, chips, fast food.  These two I put together.  Exercise releases negative energy and both can increase your life span and help you look younger.

Distraction: Thought stopping, Etch a sketch and erase by shaking negative thoughts, Listen to calm music, turn lights down, guided meditation, guided imagery where you close your eyes and visualize your happy place, Have a conversation with a supportive friend and Engage in any enjoyable activity or hobby like gardening, knitting, singing, stroking your pet, etc…

Tomorrow, the other four tools.  I encourage you to be aware of when you feel worry, anger or fear and try some of these outlets.  We all know this, it’s simple  – but it’s also good to be reminded of the things we need to be reminded of and I am hoping this helps everyone!

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