day 350 – Winter Garden

My husband worked his tail off this weekend to rip out, prune and haul away most remnants of the summer; overgrowth, summer crops and past their prime zinnias.  Then he cleared everything but two beds per my instruction and laid down very red bark on the trails and I had the fun job of opening bags of smelly organic soil, laying it down and re-wiring our drip system for each section.  Presently, we have brand new oregano, cilantro, parsley, kale and I sowed spinach and radish seeds.  I still have a couple of tomato plants, basil, chives and swiss chard producing at a steady never-ending outpour.

Welome to the new and improved winter garden beds, just waiting to flourish!

4 thoughts on “day 350 – Winter Garden

  1. One day I’d love to have such a garden.
    If not for those pesky rabbits. We have multi-generational bunny families frolicking in our yard and environs!!!

  2. Truly, a labor of love.

    Rabbits hate red pepper flakes (spread them around your newly planted vegetables or herbs) and certain plants, like kale and tomatoes.

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