day 349 – Surrender to Feelings and Delve

Surrendering, caving in and succumbing to our feelings, is one of the most rewarding, honest and renewing choices we can make.

Each time I have yielded to my highest, most authentic self, with every instance of allowing someone else to see my vulnerable humanness, I have had a breakthrough and grown.  Some inner knowledge, however small, has peeked through and as I topple over the walls I built, answers and solutions seem to pervade my consciousness, entering the conversation of discovery, revelation and finally, the keys to unlock the meaning of any emotional or mind game entanglement spun out of control (in my own head).

Often, bandaging up our wounds, we miss the breakdown and miss out on finding new perspectives and re-building ourselves.  When we gloss over or hide beneath the façade of “normalness”, we forfeit the opportunity to cut into the core of an emotion, the motive behind the emotional response and we end up just treating the symptom.

Triggered by an openness to heal, a willingness to divulge pain (and not see it as weakness) and a forthrightness to be rigorously honest with another, and ourselves  – that, my friend, is Courage!

Surrender to win!


2 thoughts on “day 349 – Surrender to Feelings and Delve

  1. Surrender to win, ra-ra!!
    Toppling the walls we ourselves have built… So very true.
    Some seem like triple-thick fortress walls– which self-regenerate, haha!
    But it is an exciting process, toward a whole new world outside the paradigm.

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