day 332 – Molting

What makes following your spiritual path rich and rewarding, is the constant unfolding and peeling away of the onion layers to our core.  There is a forward movement, inward and outward.  We generate motion and then release it.  We ebb and flow like the tide.  We rhythmically breathe keeping time to the beat of our heart.  Who or what put the breath of life inside us?  Where is the source?

I am intrigued by the shedding of layers, the self-knowledge, the metamorphoses that takes place as we excavate and free our ego.  I am mesmerized by the journey, the process and the glimpse, the taste we savor of our authentic selves.  Literally, transforming inside our chrysalis, unveiling, unfurling our wings and becoming whom we were always meant to be.

A self not feared, but to be revered, cherished and to be grateful for. How fortunate we are!  Adhering to spiritual principles in all our affairs, doing the best to our utmost ability and with every casting off of a mask or mantle we used in order to hide our truth – there is growth, rebirth and an incredible ride!  What a concept.

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