day 331 – Berkeley Bound

Today we are off to Cal to visit with our daughter E for the first time since she moved up there to attend University.  Berkeley has some of the most interesting fusion cuisines.  I have witnessed everything from down south Louisiana ribs to Morrocan/Chinese to Indian/African to two pound burger joints to an out of this world tiny vegan bakery and more.

Fresh, organic and local products are cherished, honored and played with here.  Alice Waters’ Chez Panisse, Gratitude Cafe (one of the first raw gourmet restaurants) and school garden/lunch programs originated here.  I was promised a meal at one of my favorite places – Saturn Cafe and look forward to eating and reporting back.  Saturn Cafe is an organic vegan and vegetarian corner diner, decorated in shiny chrome, fifties style, brightly hued, intergalactic decor. It’s a flashback!

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