day 325 – Dining out Vegan

Friday night is always Family night dinner out, for years ad infinitum.  At first, it was a great way to get all our crazy schedules into at least one dinner around the table.  Come hell or high water, we have eaten out every Friday, as a family, whoever is home.  Anyone is welcome, as long as you ask.

I have navigated through vegan and raw vegan before and have had to sometimes bring my own dinner but it’s just the two of us now and there’s less turmoil about where to go. We mutually agree on a location faster and it is quieter.  Oddly, our conversation is still prominently devoted to what our children are up to, reminiscing and looking forward to events with them.

Here’s advice to the vegan:  Choose wisely and just subtract all animal products.

For example – Any salad, minus animal protein, cheese and cream dressings.  Any vegetable dish, minus cheese.  Avoid butter and just ask for oil to be used instead.

At Taco Rosa at Tustin Market Place last night, I chose the Portobello Mushroom Burritos in Whole Wheat Tortillas.  Black Beans, guacamole and carrots, onions and portobellos.

My only other two choices came down to salads and I was chilly and needed something warm.  I asked the waiter to please omit the cheese and sour cream.  “No dairy, señorita?”  I guess he hears this often.  I ravaged the chips with two salsas and ate from underneath our guacamole since it was covered in Cotija cheese.  Since I save practically all my calories for dinner on Fridays, I am always starving.

Instead of dessert, we went to Costco and I stocked up on fresh and frozen organic produce.  Now I have a week’s worth of prepared as well as ingredients for different vegan meals; minestrone soup, seaweed salad, carrot, green and mango juices, frozen peaches and strawberries, hummus, greens, artichoke hearts and sea salt multigrain chips  (my impulse buy).  I just wish I had another vegan to share this all with.


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