day 324 – Follow-up Friday

After one week of veganism, I am here to report.


one boiled egg – I just had to have it and I was on the run and there it was – waiting for me.  Gratefully, it was organic from free-ranged chickens. This occurred at the halfway point.

Detox or other symptoms:

1) I noticed my skin around my nose and chin cleared up immediately, within hours of re-filling my body up with fruit.

2) I developed an inner cold sore within my bottom inner lip.  As of yesterday, it has gone away.  I am going to go with the notion it was a form of detox.

The skin is your biggest organ and will be the first to show signs of allergy, detox, etc..

Weight loss and energy levels:

My energy surged and has waned.  I know my body is adjusting since another development was the gassy feeling from eating so many complex carbohydrates and fiber.  That settled so I am sure my energy will follow.  I immediately gained two pounds and then proceeded to lose three and a half.  I am encouraged, although the weekend is here and it gets tougher to stay on track.

What I learned:

I enjoyed eating a baked sweet potato (split open, sprayed with olive oil and seasoned with a little salt and cinnamon) the other night for dinner, accompanied first by a salad (romaine, radishes and green onions), an appetizer of hummus with broccoli and finishing off with my apple/walnut bake with the addition of creamed frozen bananas. I felt like I had a four course gourmet meal!

I enjoy making green smoothies, stashing extra into go – to coffee containers and using them whenever I am on the run, after the egg incident.

I am absolutely not starving.  Veggies, all kinds of beans and fruits are my friends. I am having a blast creating food within my new parameters I meted out to myself: low fat, low starch, no sugar vegan, as best as I can.  Best of all, I am moving towards my goals.

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