day 33 – Shopping

Do you ever go shopping for someone beside yourself, let’s say around Christmastime, ahem, and think “Oh!  I would love this in a medium in black or pink!” – and as you proceed to checkout, you have one for your intended giftee and two for yourself?

This is happening to me especially this season with candles, lotions, fragrance and especially books.  I absolutely do not need another anything and I am riveted and enchanted by all that I see!

I kept my Christmas sprees to three stores: Pier One, Barnes and Noble and Mother’s Market.  My favorite materialistic places.

I love Pier One for their eclectic and exotic style.  Their colors, textures and earthy themes swallow me up like the suction from an Indian Elephant’s trunk.  Their wares are chic yet hippie yet retro yet glam.  I get mesmerized just standing in the middle of the store, observing all the bewitching merchandise and cluttered displays, like I am on a whirling carousel of rainbow, mirrored unicorns.  My senses sensually exploded as I left, helped by the artsy staff who walked me out to my car.

The famed aforementioned bookstore is still a refuge for readers and peppermint holiday latte lovers alike.  I spent the entire afternoon there, sipping, perusing and piling my stack of presents on the far counter till checkout time. I carried out one bag full of Daphne du Maurier, P.D. James and Dorothy L. Sayers – good old-fashioned suspenseful mysteries for myself and a heavy bag of goodies for others I hope they like.  I have always told my kids that money spent on a book you will read and perhaps treasure is never wasted.  Ideally, I envision myself reading by a well-tended fire, soft classical or meditative music playing, a pot of tea next to me, it’s cold, gloomy and rainy outside.  Pure comfy, cozy heaven wrapped up in the softest, animal print throw blanket I own. With a sigh, I eventually left, happy as a puppy wagging its little tail at the sight of its new owner walking through the door.

Mother’s is a supermarket of organic, sustainable, eco-friendly and healthy delights and it’s location is closer to me than Whole Foods, which is also in the same category. I can be entertained for hours.  In fact the other day, I fed on samples from the deli counter eating raw, vegan and natural, whole ingredients till I was stuffed like a vegetarian wild boar.  Then, I headed over to the handmade, unadulterated, no animal-tested cosmetics and essential oils section and I experienced scents all over my body from all over the world, in new and various combinations, and I felt as if I was floating on some Nirvana magic carpet ride when I exited.  Content and round like an enlightened Buddha.

If you haven’t already, shop at your favorite stores, and nurture your inner shopper without spending a dime this season by admiring, trying on, tasting and glancing over.  May you approach each gift you seek for others as an adventure and an opportunity to reward yourself as well, for your generosity.   It’s not frivolous to purchase one or two or three items on your own wish list that you would like to get for yourself for Christmas. You can always bring it back –  but no one can take away the moments you spent in these lovely spaces you personally love to be in and how you spend your money, allows the world to know where you want your money and intention to flow. It’s a statement.  Make sure you are heard, girlfriend.

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