day 34 – Reaching Out

There are no words to describe the sorrow and the indignation that I feel over the school shooting tragedy that took place yesterday in Connecticut.  I have not looked, read or listened to the news.  I only heard from others and as I heard more and digested it fully, I wept, I sobbed, I mourned.  An unnecessary,violent, human induced tragedy occurred and it is abhorrent.  My heart goes out to all the families and I pray the innocent souls are free.

In Tibetan Buddhism, a meditation practice called Tonglen may help us and others.

You start by breathing in all the pain of the horrific experience, you breathe out your compassion, wellness and thoughts of healing.  You breath in the anguish, you breathe out the empathy towards the suffering families and everyone involved.  You breathe in the sobbing, crying, all the grieving and you breathe out grace, goodness, faith and strength.

Then you take it to another level and breathe in the misery of all parents, all over the world, whom have lost their children, you breathe out peace, comfort and relief.

And you continue the Tonglen practice giving of yourself and connecting, breathing through the pain instead of around it, lamenting not in isolation, rather in conjunction with the human experience of loss, death and change.

The Universal question of the Unknown and Why? may never be answered but we can share our heaviness of heart and embrace our togetherness.  Tonglen is just a tool that may help with the torment and wretchedness as well as the anger and helplessness we all are feeling.  May all souls rest in peace.


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