day 293 – fruit cake

The last of our flock has flown – but before she flew – she made a healthy fruit cake for her dad’s birthday.This is a cylinder of watermelon with thinly sliced peaches swirled in an overlapping wheel as a topper.  Grapes are sliced and pushed through straws.  Kiwi slices stick to watermelon sides.  Mint is used as a garnish and a refreshing touch.  How creative, fun, colorful, easy and healthful is that?

Imagine what you could do with different fruits.   Yogurt could be poured around the bottom, on the side or over the entire “cake” and then decorated.  Cherries, orange segments, melon, star fruit, berries!

The cake shape can be carved out of cantaloupe, honeydew or a cored pineapple.  Fill the pineapple with tiny blueberries and sprinkle with coconut.

Perhaps bananas and apples would not be a wise choice because they brown once cut but combinations and designs are probably endless and only limited by availability and artful editing.

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