day 251 – OC fair

You still have time if you are in the area to check out the OC fair. Every year for 23 days we get to experience a little bit of farm life, a little bit of country charm and a little bit of everything over the top, new or plain zany!  This year the OC Fair will continue till  Sunday, August 11th.

It is the fun zone of the summer:  it’s close to the beach so it is refreshing on a summer night, concerts of every musical hue of band strut their stuff every evening,  there are carnival rides for kids and grown-up kids, floral arrangements and tablescaping , creative shopping and crafts of all sorts, food (where else can you get a giant grilled turkey leg or a fried Oreo?),  gardens tended by UC Master Gardening volunteers, prized farm animals of every ilk, gender and age, performances on stages by various artistes and of course, people watching while you sit and rest your feet on any number of benches strategically strewn around the 150 acred grounds.

Where else can you see pumpkins in July?  Or two day old piglets?

Tomorrow final day 21 of the Tour de France.  From Versailles to Paris!!!!

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