day 250 – B52’s

Only three remaining members were still standing on the OC Fair’s Pacific Amphitheater’s stage last night of the original group I saw 35 years ago, rehearsing incognito and unknown, at SUNY at StonyBrook University in the Student Union auditorium by myself as the audience.  I got the chance to meet them, express my attraction to their beat and encourage them with enthusiastic applause and compliments.  Their zany, sometimes discordant, sometimes harmonious and always upbeat music reached my dancing, happy bones and brought me joy.  I have seen them a few more times since then, but last night, I felt the initial chill up my spine I had when I knew them “when” and saw their potential…so long ago, yet just yesterday, for all of us.

Blond Cindy Wilson’s brother, Ricky sadly passed away during the AIDS crisis in the 80s.  He was lead guitar and Keith Strickland, originally the drummer, turned guitarist after Ricky’s death, decided to retire from touring last December.

So here we have: Cindy Wilson, Fred Schneider and the fabulous red-headed Kate Pierson.  Kate brought Iggy Pop popular fame singing with him on the song, Candy and skyrocketed REM with Shiny, Happy People.  Next time you hear these songs, listen for her distinct sound that is oh, so New Wave!

Remember Rock Lobster?  Love Shack?  Private Idaho?

I danced all one and half hours! With the same zeal, vibrancy and bliss of those younger, less responsible and wilder days!

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