day 241 – ENTHUSIASM!!!!!

I believe Enthusiasm encapsulates Gratitude, Abundance and Mindfulness and this positive force is Energizing and Life Giving.

  A large part of our magnetism comes from being aware of and thankful for our life and the way we live it. When we understand that there is little we truly lack, we are more apt to savor everything that crosses our path. Being in the moment in this way makes us not only more excited about things but also more attractive to others for we are focused on the ways in which life ignites our inner passions and desires instead of worrying about things that are not rooted in the present. Recognizing and appreciating the things that energize you will make your charm irresistible.” Read it from and copied it.

After reading the above thought-provoking paragraph, I realized I had heard or seen at least three different enthusiastic responses to life from people along my path already today and it’s only one o’clock in the afternoon.

Early in the morning, a person that is changing their complete life around had that certain spark in their eyes! I was entirely in their corner and envision their success!  Growth is mesmerizing to watch.

And then someone else and I had a good laugh at how excited we get about new ideas and projects and how sometimes said interest wanes and we are left with embarrassing amounts of paraphernalia related to the subject at hand after our zeal and fascination changes, deflates or dissolves into thin air!  AH! The spice of Life!

Yet another conversation had someone eagerly explaining all they had done for their new adventure in nutrition and health.  I became psyched for them too and felt their overflow of ardor through the cell waves, which was attractive and enticing.  I am so proud of them!!!

Enthusiasm is catching.

Enthusiasm is delightful, amusing and energizing.

Enthusiasm is mood altering.

Enthusiasm pulls you in, has incredible drawing power and we gravitate towards it.

So go ahead and spread your passion for whatever and demonstrate how alive you are!

We all benefit from elevated attitudes and we all receive a boost!


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