day 239 – Abundant Thoughts

Five Abundant Musings for Today

1)  What is something wonderful about yourself you learned today?

Overheard:  2)  The Power behind me is always greater than the trouble ahead of me.

3)  There is no spiritual path that emphasizes material goods, outside looks or artificial anything.

4)  There are energy givers and there are energy sappers.  I prefer to be a decent energy giver in training and by doing so will ward off or know how to avoid the energy vampires.

5)  The opposite of rigorous honesty is lying to self, denial and rationalization.

The antonym of humility is ego and pride.

The reverse of gratitude is self-centered pity, fear and absorption.

Living with Honesty, Humility and Gratitude wins you no awards, recognition or prizes but brings you great inner peace, a sense of balance in your day-to-day life and immeasurable reward within and without.

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