day 238 – Abundance

If I live in a world of abundance, I don’t have to feel deprived or gluttonous.

Living in a state of abundance in every way keeps my attitude, one of gratitude.

I get to feel, I get to be freely me and I get to be joyous.

With plenty in my pocket, my tummy and my dreams, I delve into spiritual food.

I am able to soar, to survive and to sacrifice with abandon, when I realize the bounty of my life.

I create, I give out and I decide with generosity as I prosper with endless opportunity.

The treasure of life awareness comforts me when ill, upset or under strife.

Enabling me to release, repair and rejuvenate with impunity.

There is a cornucopia of a world all around.

Find the immeasurable happiness that can surround you.

 A wealth of opulence will and shall abound

When you appreciate the lavish miracles that have found you.

I lead an abundantly full life in every precious moment!

My cup runneth over.

I get that now.


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