day 224 – Travel Day

I am a nervous, anxiety-ridden flyer and although I love to be somewhere else in less time than it takes to watch a movie, I still kind of freak every time.  I have tons of tools and just packing is fuelled with decisions, doubts and drama.  What’s the weather like? What colors should I wear so that I only need to bring one pair of shoes, make-up and jewelry? What am I going to be doing at any given time? Do I need a sweater, sneakers or SPF?  Electronica? Books? Umbrella? You get the crazy in my head.  And…. I actually have a list!

Just as long as we are safe, I will be fine.  Breathe.  Meditate.  Write.  Reading trash can sometimes pass the time and other times, praying is my only solace.  The more I travel, the more paraphernalia I need with me to cover all my bases.

The serenity prayer holds the truth.  Bottom line, I am not in charge.  Self –centered fear is really the bane of my existence.

Berkeley here we come!

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