Day 225- lounging

I have one whole day to walk around Berkeley, relax, eat, take in sights, read and lounge all by myself. It’s raining now so I am in my cozy, free wi-fi room tapping on my I-pad ( much more travel friendlier and lighter than my laptop ).

I therapeutically already told three people ( that’s the magic number ) and wrote about my Southwest ordeal yesterday so I will spare you details but needless to say I felt helpless and out of control. Then I ventured the BART system with my saavy, techie freshwoman/child and arrived with nerve endings splitting, thankful to be on terra firma. ┬áDinner and some movie/nail polishing time with my youngest and then a good four hours rest.

After being told I wasn’t needed anymore at the orientation line full of teens doing the wave, I headed over to the free speech movement cafe for a cup of fair traded java. Then I picked up some mom and dad pride filled t shirts and had a delicious lunch in my Durant hotel restaurant. ┬áMacaroni and cheese with three different cheeses: cheddar, jack and mascarpone in a red chili flaked sauce with organic chicken and organic veggies.

I love Berkeley.


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