Day 226 – food thought

The experience of a few bites of quality, real authentic food is enough to fill me up because it does not define me entirely. I am more than the meals I consume yet the meals I consume are who I become.

I have been pondering.    My new philosophical approach ( because I have to over analyze everything) to nutrition is to enjoy food. Sound simplistic?  After experimenting with low fat, low carb, no fat, no carb, no sugar, high fat, vegetarian, vegan, raw, combining, Medifast, Jenny Craig and semi-fasting I have come to the conclusion and I am reading literature to support my intuitive sense that I just need to eat no additives, no artificial anything and no fake processed junk and I will be just fine. Easy?

No. Try to find what we take for granted and disguise as food or know is junk and eat anyway.  KISS. Keep it simple sister.

I’m staying away from man-made faux food and eating what had parents or came from the earth not a factory. To validate me, I am reading The Perfect Ten and The French Don’t Diet Plan. Check it out.

I am convinced that obesity, autism, allergies and many diseases are environmental and my food choices matter and our food supply is impacted.

I am not the perfect hippie or hipster but I have a strong streak of anti-establishment, anti-big brother government, anti-pharmacy, anti-insurance etc (need I go on?) because it plays on your fears not your sense of compassion, humanness or connectedness.

In order to do my part, I can make a difference by spending my money (read The Soul of Money by Lynn Twist) on organic ( which was regular food before WWII and chemical companies -like Dupont-didn’t know what to do with their warfare after it ended so they sold it to farmers as pesticides which in turn killed beneficial insects and natural predators as well as bugs and disease-upsetting the biological equilibrium)  food.

From my research I have learned enough about how greed has ruined our food supply on so many levels (meat industrialization, fish farming, mono-culture, GMO’s and on and on…) and I just want to get back to basics.

It’s the least I can do and I am truly sorry I haven’t always raised my kids properly nourished. I was overwhelmed, under informed and too easily swayed. HFCS, hydrogenated fats and artificial coloring are in all sorts of child like  “friendly” forms.  Forgive me.

Please take accountability for your own health.

There’s something in the air in Berkeley that makes me want to change the world!  Or at the very least-speak my truth, let you know what’s really on my mind and practice being a better earthling by taking responsibility for my own actions and choosing those actions wisely.

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