day 208 – Today

Today was a test.

At one point, it was almost unfathomable.

And then, I reached out.

I heard back, I received advice; I listened to positive words of encouragement via text, voicemail and my own writing.

I know now that no matter how upside down it can all get, I just have the present moment and in that instant…stay present…stay in a place called sanctuary, remain calm because this too shall pass as the saying goes, but to live it is to know it… the experience of helplessness and no control over anything, the knowledge that there is no going back, no changing and nowhere to turn.

AND then, the answer, the solution and the realization deep down inside that the response must always be lead by love, the belief that there is something bigger than even my mind can comprehend of the Universe, some power beyond my brain’s capability, a force stronger than all my will could ever muster…that is where I rest, this is where I must have faith in… it is here that I find the peace to move from one minute to the next with a serenity that all will be well, blessed be the day for me and mine and I am but an instrument not the conductor of my life as I thought.

I questioned my existence, and I felt disconnected from my spiritual source.

And I was tested, and found I had to dig deeper to find the sweet honey of trusting the truth I knew all along.

I just saw the following and had to copy it: “The physical world is a veil of illusion in front of a truer truth. Broaden your physical perceptions to include the knowledge of the heart.” – Marianne Williamson

Coinquidink? I think not

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