day 199 – Copper River Salmon

Right now, this fish is running upstream of Copper River, Alaska and being caught in record numbers.  It is simply the most delicious salmon you can ever eat.  I just sautéed one whole organic leek (sliced thin) and organic wild mushrooms in organic coconut oil. I covered the pan and seasoned and stirred around five minutes in. Then, I patted my very own seasoned salt mix, some organic turmeric and a dried basil rub all over six ounces of fresh wild caught salmon and dropped it into the leek/mushroom pan (I made room for the fish by moving the veggies in a clump to the side).  After about three minutes a side, (pan covered) the meal was done.  The entire prep and cooking took about 20 minutes. Mmmmm.  I should have taken a picture but I was famished and forgot.  No worries, the supermarkets will have them for the next two to three weeks and then, POW! They are gone!

So go get your Omega 3’s!

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