day 198 – 10 Lessons

I posted this about a year ago but I believe it’s good to revisit certain ideals, values and advice, for myself, especially if this is the way I want to live, behave and view the world.

10 Lessons Learned

1) Don’t take anything/anyone for granted or personally.  Everything/everyone matters but it is not my fault or responsibility to fix everything or everyone, only what I really have the power or influence to make better.  Wisdom knows this difference.  Use the serenity prayer.

2) Make every moment precious and be in the now.  Use this human body and mind as a tool to meditate with my breath and awareness.  Cultivate mindfulness and compassion for self in all I do.

3) Forgive everyone; this is for me, not for them.  That being said – I need to protect myself and have boundaries and it also doesn’t mean I approve of anyone’s bad or harmful behavior.

4) Let people, things, appointments, etc. that are cramping my style, go (see above).

5) Live authentically – find my true north and BE it – don’t apologize for my uniqueness, don’t diminish myself or aggrandize myself either.

6) Never pass up the opportunity to be silent or shut my mouth.  Pause. Share when appropriate or helpful.

7) Be of service to someone or something else.  It will take me out of my ego and it is my purpose and function.  Encourage, guide and support others along their path.  Freely give of the gifts the divine source has bestowed and come from a place of abundance and grace.

8) Find my spiritual path and grow moment by moment.  Every challenge is an opportunity.  Every heartache is a lesson learned.  Every joy is enhanced with gratitude.  Every action can be made sacred.

9) Be grateful – list 5 things daily.  Happy people are grateful people and those who are not, aren’t.

10) Make amends as soon as my gut and intuition tells me to.  This takes courage and constant, continuous, consistent self-reflection.

This might not help you, or you may already know all this, but for me I have to remind myself of the things I need to be reminded of.  None of this is original – it is ancient wisdom, not my own; it’s just some of what I have learned so far………..just passing it on.

Thanks to all my fellow human teachers for bringing this information to me in all forms and ways of instruction and keeping me accountable.

Marianne Williamson

“It’s not up to you what you learn, but only whether you learn through joy or through pain.”

— A Course in Miracles

2 thoughts on “day 198 – 10 Lessons

  1. What a great way to start the day, with these 10 lessons. I refer to them often. They touch on the varied situations (and reactions/feelings, God knows!!) that arise throughout the days.

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