Day 186 – Disclaimer

For new or returning readers – I know I may get a few more people checking out since the article I wrote for OC news weekly just came out this morning – so to clarify….

This website is not about Hindu gods, Indian culture or poses –  although I may need to touch upon those subjects from time to time if the mood strikes me.

No dear readers, my website has evolved into a daily life vignette where I sketch in literary form, literally.

Yoga translates to mean union and I interpret Yoga to imply the fusion of mind, body and Spirit. Therefore, I attempt to illustrate daily living and thoughts with my writing and photographs on this page.  I strive to intertwine the emotional, physical and spiritual  through the window of my perception.

If you expected to see my class schedule or my latest theme of the week from my yoga classes, you’re too late.   I am on sabbatical.  Perhaps, indefinitely.

Instead, I give you little glimpses into my world, a walk through my brain, and hopefully something useful or universal that you can relate to as I permit my heart and soul to passionately and liberally pound the keys on the keyboard.

May my disappointments, my travels, my funny mishaps, my recipes, my love and my enthusiasm for life shine through my computer screen to yours.


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