Day 185 – FEAR

They should have massages on airline flights.  That would alleviate my fear of flying by the very nature of the caring, purring touch of my masseuse and the soothing, tranquil and sleepy spa music being played.

Insects and rodents would need a passport to get into my house in a perfect world.  My daughter E who is afraid of arachnids would make sure no small creature resembling a spider could even get a Visa.

Real Estate and housing would be owned by God or the Earth Society or something, not moguls, so all buildings would be one story and earthquake, fireproof and flood proofed in my imaginary vision of the landscape and culture.

Basically whatever you are afraid of – just dream up what would make that fear go away.  It’s super therapeutic.

IMAGINE, the song, speaks to us because we harbor dread, insecurity and resentment.  IMAGINE, solves those stumbling blocks to happiness by addressing how we could treat each other instead.

So let your imagination take flight and allow it to conquer your anxiety.

Remind me, next time I board a plane.


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