day 181 – On being a MOM – 1 day to go till Mother’s Day

What does it mean to be a MOM? 

To have and hold and document the dear moments of childhood in order to remind, reminisce or give your offspring a glimpse of themselves as their authentic selves.  As they grow, change and morph into the potential PLUS what you saw in them when they were tiny tykes, you remember what it took, what was happening in history and how you helped or hindered them. 

My kids have far exceeded any puny expectations I could have ever foreseen for them.  I was incapable of foretelling the future world as it looks today, with computers in the palms of your hands, communicating your image around the world in real time and the political, environmental and social events that in some way define all of us – seemingly spinning out of our control.  Each of our cherubs has developed in his or her surroundings and moment in time, at their own pace, and with their own perspective, philosophy and baggage.

It’s been enjoyable and gratifying to witness their birth, watch them feed themselves, crawl, stand-up, walk, smile, splash, test limits, speak, poke, touch absolutely everything, say “no” and “why” all day long, investigate and explore with curiosity, using all five senses, to this very day. 

They say, Energy flows where Awareness goes.  A mom, by definition, is sensory glued and mesmerized by her offspring.

Inquisitiveness, Beauty and Innocence.  What a ride and an experience it is to be a part of a child’s life.  What a bonus to see them expand into amazing human beings on this planet.  Still probing, questioning, attractive but not so naïve.  Yet, still angelic –  to us moms, in our heart of hearts.

I once held my babies, smelled their cherished newness, touched their soft, translucent newborn skin and heard their communicative cries as well as their shifting movements in the crib and the nuance of their breathing.    I listened with delight as they cooed and swapped at the makeshift mobile on our kitchen counter, took them into the bathroom with me in their baby seats, snuck in at naptime and nighttime to make sure they were sleeping on their backs or sides and still respiring from their bellies and never left their sight or sound.  I bathed and changed them.  I swung them for endless hours and belted them into safety on every drive. I let them play with cat food cans, empty boxes and Tupperware inside a huge bottom kitchen drawer.  I observed them in awe and praised them.  I took them everywhere and I was lost when they stayed home with daddy, the few times I dared leave their adorable presence.

And now, to look on as they take off and fly from the nest with such stamina, grace and eagerness!!!!!! What did I do right?

I wish our young adults the best and thank you for allowing me the life experience and the priceless gift of being your MOM. 

Happy Mother’s Day to all Moms.


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