day 180 – On being a MOM – 2 days left till Mother’s Day

The pride and joy of having three kids who get along, (mostly) and are relatively close, I believe says mountains about their upbringing and maturity levels.  Not that all that was gained or learned was achieved happily in la la land.  They sometimes needed to cling to each other in order to get through some major life moments, so it was circumstance -not necessarily my great parenting that probably contributed to their individuality as well as their intimacy.

I believe their hearts and minds are always in the right place.  As they grow into themselves, I sense it more and more.

Each of our children are unique, talented and ‘beyond words’ precious to us.

All three of them are big-hearted, generous and caring.  That’s what stands out and is at the forefront for me.

All three of them are cordial, good-looking and witty.  That’s what you notice first.

All three, are high achievers, successful and super smart.  That’s what you learn once you’ve engaged in conversation with them.

All three, are grateful, loyal, kind and thoughtful.  That’s what you understand when you befriend them.

All three, are laser-focused yet open and wise enough to see the big picture.  That’s what makes them our future.


4 thoughts on “day 180 – On being a MOM – 2 days left till Mother’s Day

  1. Hi. I caught up with you today by readin all your posts since 2/19, which is when I think I checked in last.

    Have a wonderful MOTHER’sDAY.
    You are the best. Love and miss you.

  2. Enjoying your website and blog Cecilia. What a talent! Beautifully expressive and well done!
    Keep it up,

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