day 163 – A tribute to my friend – a guided meditation for all

Meditation through the woods

Imagine yourself in a clearing at the edge of a dense and jade colored forest.  You come to a clear, wide path.  At your back, the sun warmly encourages and nudges you to step inward.  A cool, pleasant and inviting breeze beckons you to embark on a trail into the woods.  You enter.  Step in.

The path is broad and littered with leaves and twigs. Pinecones of every sort and size are scattered, here and there.  The sunlight-dappled canopy reassures and lightens your stride.  As you take each step, each footfall crunches and crackles the forest debris underfoot.

Encouraged by the sweet and crisp song of countless birds, insects and wildlife…you go deeper still.  Continue on your route.

The teeny, tiny bell shaped bluebells among the moss, lining the border and the pure, fresh scent of pine needles greet and welcome you to continue gently on…with mindful awareness of all of your surroundings.  Notice the variety and different dimensions of green, olive, brown, bright Kelley green, light shiny yellow, green and golden pastels and grey-white greens.  The earthy smell of forest hummus, mushrooms and young growth fills your nostrils and soothes all your senses.  You are becoming acutely aware of life, the breath of life and the stirrings, within.

As you walk along, you find a bowl on the trail.  It can be a wooden or bamboo bowl.  Perhaps, it is earthenware, made of heavy clay soil or it is woven, made from twine.  Pick up the bowl.

You travel the twists and turns of your trajectory and you notice a particularly radiant and attractive leaf.  Pick up the leaf.  Turn the leaf over and observe its veins and patterns like you are a botanist observing a fine specimen.

You decide to assign it some trouble or problem you are experiencing or mulling over.  Place it in your special nature bowl.

You come upon another striking and interesting leaf and pick it up.  Give this leaf the name of a person you are having a difficult relationship with, worry over or feel needs special attention.   Lay it inside your bowl with care.

Pick up another leaf that speaks to you and entrust all your anxiety and concerns right into its veins and surface.

Release the power that fear has held over you and feel the tension drain away from you, releasing it into the leaf.

As you continue, on your own, gather as many leaves as you need to and allocate each of them, your frustration, pain, anger, jealousy and any other negative, exhausting energy you are still holding onto.  Put them all into your bowl.

Begin to hear the trickling of water.  Move towards the rippling melody till you arrive at the top of a gently cascading waterfall that spills over into a rocky stream that empties out into a large, deep bluish aqua lake.

As you stare in wonder at the exquisite beauty and magnificence of this majestic scene unfolding in front of you, you feel compelled and know deep in you heart of hearts that this body of water is here to heal you and empower you.

Toss each of your symbolic leaves, one by one or all at once, into the running water.  Surrender your issues, bothersome circumstances, judgments and unloving thoughts into the pool of the waterfall scene and into the stream of life.  Watch the leaves as they swim and float or sink, lifelessly and carelessly.  Allow them to exit your consciousness.  Let them go.  Let each thought float away and empty into the vast depth of the water’s center.

Let go of all the leaves, all the stuff, all the behaviors, all the perceptions and all the presumed hurts we hold onto.  Let go of all that doesn’t serve you anymore.

Let go of the grasping, the holding on to Ego and make new room into your space.  Clear out and cleanse, release and breathe.

Delight in the sweet liberation and celebrate, breathe.

Place your empty bowl by the edge of the stony brook.  Turn away.  You notice a massive, dark grey boulder near you and feel the need to rest and restore.  Make your way towards the gigantic rock and lay comfortably on top of it.  The expansive face of slab supports your back and body and its smooth surface feels warm, vibrating its ancient wisdom.  The stone conveys it’s vital, solid, heavy and grounding force to you.  You feel one with mother earth.

It is now, nightfall, the stars have just begun to light the atmosphere.  The moon reflects onto the still, now indigo blue mirror of the lake water.  The sky sparkles with astral illumination, against a lapis lazuli canvas.

You feel relieved, comforted, deeply relaxed and at ease.  Your breath is slow, profound and has a restful quality to it.  With every inhalation, you feel cleansed and inspired by the heavens.  With every exhalation, you sink deeper into an enjoyable and grateful surrender.  You plunge deeper into the health giving and supportive earth as you aspire to reach the shining night.

Your body is in tune with the rhythm of every breath.  Your breath sways, rises and recedes with the respiration of the Universe.  You hear the sound, the hum and buzz of the word AUM or OM, the sound of life and eternity.

And…. It starts to softly drizzle with miniature warm raindrops, caressing your body and tapping you pleasantly awake, mellow as one who was just touched by a celestial ethereal being.

Namaste, my friend, namaste.

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