day 15 – Believe it Or Not

Believe it or not, we have a subscription to two what I call ‘trash’ periodicals.

If you:

  1. Have little or no sense of humor
  2. Take everything way too seriously
  3. Desire a break from saving/controlling the world
  4. Hate flying and require inane distraction
  5. Need to put your troubles into perspective
  6. Require trivial respite for any reason….

Then these ‘rags’ are for you, too.

In one of these ‘treasures’, there is a cute Ten Things You Didn’t Know About_________(fill in the blank with star’s name).

So here’s ten things you may or may not know about me.  And please do the same.  This can be fun and informative for all of us.  Perhaps you may just want to post three or five. It’s totally up to you.  But, don’t be shy.

1.  I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina but grew up on Long Island, New York

2.  In 1978, I worked for the soccer World Cup in Argentina,  relaying telex messages around the world for journalists.

3.  My very first job was building and soldering PC boards at the age of 17, in East Northport, NY

4.  My younger and only sibling married my husband’s little brother back in 1993, still together

5.  I taught High School Spanish in three different states: NY, North Carolina and CA back in the eighties.

6.  I ate ten slices of pizza on my tenth birthday in honor of my ten years.  Pizza is still my favorite meal.  Ten is one of my favorite numbers.

7.  I became a UC Master Gardener the second year it was offered in Orange County, back in the late ’90’s

8.  I started my own business, Good4uCooking in February of 2003.

9.  After years of yoga devotion, I became a yoga instructor in 2010.

10.  I have seen over 250 artists at concerts over the course of my life, starting with Elton John at age fourteen.  Repeatedly for most of my favorites.

I hope there was a surprise here or there. Often, we beat ourselves up for not doing enough or doing things “wrong”.   It’s enjoyable to list positive or funny things you have accomplished.

One thought on “day 15 – Believe it Or Not

  1. Here are 5 for me! 1. I live on the same road as I did when I returned from the hospital after my birth. 2. My first job was an Avon salesgirl door to door. 3. I’ve taught in an elementary, middle and high school. 4. My nickname in highschool was half pint. 5. I won a recipe contest for my Christmas salad!

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