day 10 – Ten more things to be Grateful for

I thought I’d continue the alphabetical countdown to Thanksgiving  – giving thanks.

We left off with F, so I will start with G.  You can change up what you think of to suit your mood or even classify your gratitude into subjects.  Today I was grateful for all the music I got to hear while chauffeuring, picking up and dropping off kids.  Appreciating Music is a world all of its own!

G – I am thankful for the Generosity of spirit that allows an artist to create Greatness

H – I am thankful for Houses of the Holy by Led Zeppelin and all the Hours Michael and I spent Hearing it Hugging

I – I am thankful for Individual and Independent Idealists

J – I am thankful for Joe Jackson and his Jazzy, swanky, still hip Jamming

K – I am thankful for Kaleidoscopes and Kids and Knock, Knock, Knocking on Heaven’s Door

L – I am thankful for Love songs, Lifting Lyrics  and Lullabyes

M – I am thankful for Musicals, Mikey and Michael (the original Music Man in this Tiny Dancer’s Mind)

N – I am thankful for musical Notes, Notorious rock stars and New Wave

O – I am thankful for A Night at the Opera by Queen, Outrageous Outfits Onstage and Optimistic electronica

P – I am thankful for Plays, Poets and Punk

Food for thought:  Every time I do this small exercise, I breathe slower and deeper, turn down the judgemental tone and get happy!!  Try it!!


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