day 11 – Happy Thanksgiving

What a blessed life.  All five of us will be together again for the first time since June.  Our small family will be gathered today at Nana’s. I baked a pumpkin and a pecan pie.  We ate the apple torte because the top browned a bit.  What a shame.
Q – I am thankful for Queen, Quartz crystals and Quality time
R – I am thankful for Realizing what a Really Radiant Rabble we are
S – I am thankful to be a Steger, Strong and Straightforward yet Soulful and Smart
T – I am thankful for remaining Teachable
U – I am thankful for Uplifting thoughts and moments and Useful Utensils
V – I am thankful for Victoria, a German Hummel beauty with Ivy League brains, Values and Virtues
W – I am thankful for my Wonderful, Warm family, Weather and Words
X – I am thankful for the X factor that keeps us together
Y – I am thankful for Years of Thanksgivings, Years of memories with family and the Yule time to come
Z – I am thankful for the Zest, Zeal and Zaniness my Zoo of a family exhibits
May you have a grateful, delicious and tranquil day!
Have fun with the alphabet


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