Cleanse and Release

When we cleanse and release ourselves form the grips of trauma, we purge ourselves of old mind patterns and find freedom of thought as well as the glory that is reconnecting with our true selves.

As I grow in spurts, I learn to fluctuate and tighten, immerse and recede from people and ideas and places. I have zeal and then ennui. I question, revamp and focus with intensity. Then, I drop the motivation as if all the energy has left me dry. Sometimes, I can’t sustain or commit one hundred percent to anything. Certainly not all the time.

My template is to throw myself mercilessly into something, teach it, burn out and then make it my own, intertwining talent with reality, creating something new, unique and adaptive to suit me. That’s been my pattern.

I used to plan with precision. Holidays and fetes at our house were events. I adorn it lightly now and lightly move through the seasons with a dose of nostalgia. I see the impermanence, the wheel, the return and forward motion of it all .

I go from being profound to vain to caring wholeheartedly to nothing and blocking it out.

My reverie is a dream. My revelations mean nothing to anyone unless I share them or write about them. And even then, do you see yourself in my house of mirrors?

Acceptance is the basic tenet of many spiritual paths. And how do I see myself on this journey? Another hobby, another passion and then away I go?

I’m always searching, yet it’s as simple as “there’s no place like home” – all the answers are within. All the explanations and solutions are in The Wizard of OZ, my favorite flick of all time. So, relax and let the wind blow, the sun shine. Hear the birdsong of spring lift your spirits high.

Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude… to be able to think out loud and wonder and use my five senses. There’s a miracle around every corner and right under our noses. See, feel, hear, taste, touch and envision it.

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