Y6 – Day 12 – Alphabet nights

When I can’t get back to sleep in the middle of the night I run through the alphabet and go through a makeshift gratitude list in my mind’s eye instead of counting lambs hopping over a fence. And mostly it works. I have taken the idea and extended it and even just used acronyms or other themes like naming vegetables in alphabetical order.

Last time I wrote acronyms in my head, I actually wrote them down because I thought I was brilliant in the middle of the night:

ABC – Art Beauty Creativity

DEF – Definite Energy Flow

GHI – Goddess Holds Inspiration

JKL – Joy Kindness Love

MNO – Money Needs Ownership

PQR – Peace Quiet Relax

STU – Stay Tuned Unconditionally

VWXYZ – View the World with Excitement and Youthful Zeal

Try it next time you can’t fall back asleep.

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