Y5 – Day 87 – Mandalas Intro 2

In nature, flowers spiral out of a center, in concentric circles. For example, imagine the lotus, the daisy and the Black-Eyed Susan. Shells and ferns coil out from a nucleus. Snowflakes and spiderwebs revolve and form intricate designs from a core as well. Rock geodes and tree trunks cut in half show pure mandalas formed over hundreds of years.

Mandalas are nothing less than intrinsic to our galaxy. Indeed, our cells and atoms are mandalas. 

Dr. Seuss was right when he wrote Horton hears a Who and described how a whole world lives inside a speck of dust. I recall being entranced by the childhood pastime of happily crafting mandalas with Spirograph.  

Mandalas illustrate and embody the interconnectedness of our weblike existence, 

Coloring in mandalas are not only a way to play, infusing our creative juices with guidelines, curves and hues, it is likewise a process wherein we relate to, and engage with, the cycle and circle of life.

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