Y5 – Day 8 – Protection

When someone tells me I need protection I start to wonder how that is going to look. Well, now we see. Lifting the protection AWAY from sacred lands so big biz can go in there and destroy habitats is not what I had in mind. Is it what you had in mind?

Mobsters don’t play by the same rules.

President does not equal tyrant or king.

Collusion, illegitimacy, mysogyny, phony phony phony daughter, bombastic, nepotism, propaganda, hypocrisy, you name it – this novel has it all – oh – wait – this isn’t fiction? It is real news. We need transparency, asap. – of taxes, Flynn documents, real estate holdings and dealings, etc.

I am disappointed in the human culture and people that support this.

And, it is breaking my heart.


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