Y5 – Day 25 – Try a Smile

The act of smiling, even when I don’t want to, takes me back to my homeroom teacher.  I came to understand how sharing your constructive thoughts is a generous gesture and needn’t take a large measure of time or effort.

Moreover, in my particular case, I found out many years later that facial muscles can determine your outlook.

In Korean yogic studies, we were educated in smiling yoga. Tradition contends grinning sets off a hormone and changes your mood. Furthermore, during Laughter Yoga years later, I and entire rooms of students befell merriment and optimism as we giggled through our sequences.

Comedians allege audience members who come in with a smile, receive the most pleasure from their jokes.

Mother Teresa in her simple yet infinite wisdom said, “We shall never know all the good that a simple smile can do.” She was right and given these points, my homeroom supervisor gave me priceless advice.

I smile to uplift my attitude.

THINK ACTION: Try smiling all day and see how your approach to life brightens. Notice others’ reactions to you. If you are not known for your easy smile, notice how many inquiries and which questions you receive.


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