Y5 – Day 181 – Carving out Your own Space

Ideally, you create a sacred space within and without. An actual physical place can form a bond with your inner, unseen being. Perhaps, more than one location or theme is realized and may be sustained. This means many things to people. It can be an altar, a corner shelf or a whole room. A special place where you cleanse, pray, just pause or meditate by is an ancient rite found in women’s circles since mothers first gathered together for warmth and friendship with their children.

Instinctually, we light candles, scent our spaces and offer it small statuettes, natural finds, and visuals that stimulate and comfort us. At the treehouse, I gravitate towards placing crystals, grids, incense, wind chimes and things I love on a baker’s rack. Down the hill, I condition and bathe our yoga space with sage, candles, rose water, music and various stones. The yoga goddess circle is enhanced with singing bowls, tea service, inspirational cards, conscious breathing, meditations, props and deliberate movement.

In your own home, collect two to ten items that awaken love and authenticity in you and find a teeny or grand area. You may want to lay fabricĀ or a tray down on your stable, display surface. Spend a moment to dedicate each treasure with your intentions and add them. Sit with your vignette daily.

Ideas for your sacred space range from the aforementioned to anything you find heartening. You may have inherited jewelry, silver or a photograph that arouses the soul or memory. Otherwise, choose pebbles, shells or twigs that impart earth vibrations. There is no wrong or right way to set up your spot no matter what you read on the internet because it’s what energy and time you infuse into it that matters. Also, remember, it is not set in stone and all environments benefit from a change, rearrangement, newness and letting go.

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