Y5 – Day 131 – Quick Observation

For the last two years and most assuredly after Nov. 9, 2016, anxiety, depression and mental stress have enveloped over 65–70% of the population.

Most presidents age and get gray hairs during office. Due to the demands of working FOR the people, they are wrung dry. Sleepless nights and trying to keep our country safe wear on them. Making decisions that impact the entire nation and indeed, the world, tears at their physical being.

But not this one. Unlike any other “elected” person, the adrenaline of the game invigorates him.

But it’s not a game. It’s the reputation of a country and a homeland. It’s the sanctity of democracy that is at stake.

The majority of the people of the US are under siege. WE are the ones with PTSD, alcohol problems and suicide on the mind. As the denial of righteousness and laws are continuously being trampled upon by the GOP that doesn’t restrain this madman, WE are the ones running to therapy, using anti-anxiety drugs and attending meditation classes.

Just an observation.


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