Y4 – Day 58 – One Question

One question can spark a revolution or a quest or a debate inside your head.

As every teacher knows, no question is too insignificant or wrong.

Some questions demand an immediate response and some require us to pause and think. Some, of course, are rhetorical.

Every question asks us to press on, move forward, dive in deep, prompt us or to contemplate the past. Any of those actions and sometimes even more options can exist in the same response.

Do you remember a question when you replied with a lie?

Can you recall a time you answered with an unexpected response and took yourself by surprise?

What questions keep you up at night, make you livid or destroy your sense of humor?

And what question would you ask if you could ask only one?

What answer would you give if you were asked that very same question?

Whom would you want to inquire more about?

Someone once asked me what my favorite part of practicing yoga was and I answered, “The spiritual connection I receive as I flow through the present moment: body, mind and soul.”

I will beĀ forever grateful for that question I did not expect to answer with such conviction and wide open tenderness.

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