Y4 – Day 365 – Wow! Last day of Year 4

Continuing with the TAO entry-

The Tao advises against labeling something “good” or “bad” because everything is a lesson or solely, is. Indeed, I have learned valuable lessons from the harshest of times. For example, every “bad” relationship has matured me into an individual who at last sets healthy boundaries. Then again, the best moments of our lives taste bittersweet over time, because they are over, except in memory. For instance, my children’s younger years or family gatherings wherein relatives have since died. It is as pure and simple as noticing the truths in front of us, without judging.

The Taoist does not resist or avoid the natural course of life. When we find ourselves troubled, distracted or stressed, we lose the fluidity of the Tao. This results from losing sight of our true selves. With this in mind, Byron Katie, a teacher of self-inquiry, author of The Work, writes, “Pleasure is an attempt to fill yourself up, JOY is what you are.” In fact, when we forget who and what we are, we suffer. When we remember who and what we are, we radiate sweetness, tranquility and silent power. We are Love and joy! So, when at ease, we exist in harmony, no one to argue with, no demands or commands. In essence, acceptance is the key.

One of the Tao verses asks, “Do you have the patience to wait till your mud settles and the water is clear? Can you remain unmoving till the right action arises by itself?” How often do we invite emotions to dissipate, allowing solutions to arise organically? I know as a mom, a fixer, a helper and a volunteer, I want to jump in and make it better. It is a huge lesson to let go, to see what develops before saving the day, for everyone else, every time. A point repeatedly overlooked is we cripple and take away growth opportunities from others each occasion we save and rescue them.

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  1. This was so beautiful. “Pleasure is an attempt to fill yourself up, JOY is what you are.” Important words to remember in these busy times. This is useful to me, because sometimes when I wander about taking pictures or whatever, I feel like I am not “doing something” as others might see it and yet, when I try to “do something” I lose the joy in my wandering.

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