Y4 – Day 363 – Spring Cleaning – last part of entry

THINK ACTION: Not only do I suggest you make your own green cleanser, I furthermore recommend you create a few as gifts. Imagine how practical and ingenious pretty cobalt blue glass or recycled plastic bottles would be for new homeowners, your college aged children, baby/wedding showers, holidays or just because. Share your recipe. List the ways you use white vinegar, baking soda and essential oils around your home. For example, baking soda and vinegar unplugs most drains overnight. Although this technique is widely known, a reminder never hurts. Did you know peppermint and especially cinnamon essential oil controls and may eliminate ants from marching into your home? A word of caution, both are spicy when wet so if you take care of a baby or dog that puts everything into their mouths, and the oils are reachable, please, don’t use it. What environmentally friendly practices do you or your family take part in? Choose a new application to incorporate this week. If you garden, do you compost? You only need kitchen scraps and brown matter (leaves, straw, newspaper). If you look after children or grandchildren, start a worm farm. Save your coffee grinds and eggshells. Smash the eggshells and combine with the grounds. I sprinkle this concoction around azaleas, camelias, tomatoes and any acid loving bush. It keeps pests away because they hate walking on cracked, jagged shells and the java feeds nitrogen and acid to the soil.

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