Y4 – Day 361 – Spring Cleaning

From my upcoming book – The next three days are an excerpt from my April 3 entry in my 365 Days of Inspiration.

April 3 – Spring Cleaning

“No winter lasts forever, no spring skips its turn.” – Hal Borland
In spring, we cleanse, heal and release negative, old and tired stagnant energy. Meanwhile, it’s time to introduce positive, new, clean, refreshing and renewing potential. In particular, we bring the intention to love and nurture with harmony, in the home, hearth, body, landscape and spirit.
Externally, we empty the gutters, open windows and allow fresh air into our habitats.
Internally, we unblock our paths of energy, exhale muddy thoughts, unproductive patterns, and barren ideas.
Whether we dig gardens, clean bathrooms or declutter garages and closets, we move. Whenever we push, pull, extend or lift, our blood circulates and our limbs stay active. In fact, we breathe fresh air into our lungs while we work outdoors. As soon as we pick up a trowel, a shovel or a garden hose, we revitalize and purify our bodies while tending to our soul’s nature to improve our surroundings.
As we align our minds with attention to transformation, we journey to new possibilities. In light of making ourselves and the planet safer and greener, I suggest you try the following recipe which avoids harsh chemicals, is inexpensive and is safe to apply around pets, babies, seniors, young children and our lungs. Instead of introducing more allergens into our home, be inspired to use healthier and cheaper, home-grown remedies.

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