Y4 – Day 360 – April

EXCERPT FROM TITLE PAGE FOR APRIL from upcoming book – Goddess Musings – 365 days of Inspiration for women


“You must live in the present, launch yourself on every wave, find your eternity in each moment.” –Thoreau

April cleanses the earth’s Northern Hemisphere with spring and rain. We dig into the soil and plant summer bulbs. At the same time, we watch as tulips and daffodils rise out of the ground and flower. We smell jasmine, orange blossoms, hyacinths and freesias. The bees buzz, the birds chirp and they sing. Meanwhile, leaves bud and unfurl on deciduous trees, in vivid Kelley green. The land and sky appear on the horizon as clean, wide and fresh, anew with life and water.

April stimulates our senses, inviting us to step outside of ourselves. At the same time, April draws us into our soul’s gardening shed to re-tool, re-organize and re-order our plans. We clear out our closets, put things in place and sow seeds of faith.

In April, we will experience birth and creation, growth and mindfulness, as well as discipline. With clarity, we will arrange and adjust our surroundings and ourselves. Last month, we worked hard on forgiving and releasing. This month, we replenish and refill our mind, body and spirit with bright, lofty thoughts and actions.  Along with your wellspring of hope, grace and curiosity, the painted hues of April rouse the imagination and tempt desire as an eager butterfly to nectar. I beckon you to turn the page with childlike awe.

I appreciate the natural beauty of the earth and will honor and protect it.


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